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This comprehensive and empowering guide is filled with practical, effective ways to not only minimize the effects of divorce on your kids, but strengthen the bond between you. An acclaimed expert on divorce and its impact on children, Christina McGhee shows how to give your children the support and guidance they need and offers immediate solutions to the most critical parenting problems divorce brings-with tips on every aspect of divorce and separation, whether gently explaining things to your children or maintaining a sense of stability while taking care of yourself.


When should I tell my children about the divorce and what do I say? See Chapter Fourteen.


How can I create a loving, secure home for my child who doesn't live with me full-time? See Chapter Nineteen.

Day-to-day problems

Does my child need therapy? Most don't; read why in Chapter Twenty-Seven.

Counter balancing conflict

What can I do if my ex won't stop being conflictual? See Chapter Twenty-One.

"Christina McGhee's Parenting Apart is the most comprehensive and thoughtful book on parenting I've ever seen. Whether you're just thinking about separating or have been divorced for years, this book is chock full of essential information that is critical for raising healthy, well-adjusted children of all ages."

M. Marcy Jones, J.D.
Author of Graceful Divorce Solutions, A Comprehensive and Proactive Guide to Saving You Time, Money and Your Sanity

"Parenting Apart is the book every child wishes their divorced parents would read. In this how-to guide, Christina McGhee presents a step-by-step approach to difficult problems, while offering parents both hope and reassurance for a successful post-divorce adjustment for you and your kids."

Amy McCready,
Parenting expert and founder of Positive Parenting Solutions

"A terrific and comprehensive guide. Before, during, and after the breakup, parents will keep returning to this book for its clear explanations, wise counsel, and practical tips for managing every issue you can think of related to raising children whose parents live apart."

Richard A. Warshak, Ph.D.
Author of Divorce Poison: How To Protect Your Family From Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing and the DVD program, Welcome Back, Pluto: Understanding, Preventing, and Overcoming Parental Alienation.


International divorce coach and parent educator Christina McGhee is a self-proclaimed "information junkie." Passionate about getting the best information into the right hands at the right time, Christina believes essential information and support are crucial for families in transition. From her perspective, knowing what to expect and having access to support are often the defining difference between children surviving or thriving when parents part. Her relentless desire to radically change how children experience divorce is also the driving force behind her latest book, Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorced Parents can Raise Happy and Secure Kids.

Christina has dedicated her career to speaking on behalf of children of divorce by training both parents and professionals around the world. Determined to make information more accessible to separating families, she has also created practical and relevant resources including the award winning children's DVD program Lemons 2 Lemonade: How to handle life when things go sour between Mom and Dad and the parenting booklet Separate Yet Successful: Restructuring family life when parents part. Parents can also find timely tips and information on her website and blog at www.divorceandchildren.com.

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